Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Recovery Cycle

     For me, staying fit is like a 3 phase sine wave. Running is at a peak, so its time to back off and get stronger in other areas. Cycling has been in neutral for some time now, equipment upgrades have improved my average speeds lately, but I have plenty of room to improve my cadence. And swimmimg has been on the decline for about a month or so which is about the same time my running game started to peak. My understanding of electricity and religion prevents me from accepting the idea of a 4th phase, so lets just say that strength and flexibility training are like the oscilloscope and graphics.

     Ok, so I just finished the Blue Ridge Half. What's next? May is going to bring in 2 or 3 events that I am staying generally fit for. Notice I used the expression "generally fit", that's because I'm not training for anything until late July when I start training for Richmond. Both of the events that I am signed up for, The Angels Race sprint triathlon and the Trail Nut 1/2 marathon, are being done as barometer races just to see what level I can perform at while following a less demanding schedule of cardio workouts.

     I hope to be able to enjoy the Angels Race and just take it all in. I've never done a triathlon before so my focus is going to be on getting a good feel for the "flow" of the event so that I can "go with the flow" the next time I do one. The Trail Nut 1/2 Marathon I will be doing with every hope of keeping my pace in the upper 7's, but it will be the first year of me doing this race, so I won't be feeling any pressure to beat last years time.

     Not sure what else I may do after that, but I do have some things on the radar. So many worthy events this time of year, but I can't do 'em all.


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