Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Welcome to Cardioholics Anonymous

Welcome to Cardioholics.

This blog is intended to encourage discussion of all things cardio, but also to kinda put a frame around my general fitness routine. Basically I believe that when a hobby is damaging then it is no longer a hobby, but an addiction. Consider the difference between a casual drinker and an alcoholic. The casual drinker can have a beer or two and never act like a jackass with no moral compass, where as the alcoholic will drink constantly, endanger others lives by driving, not be able to hold a job, etc. These same principles apply to cardio. If I lose too much muscle mass by neglecting strength training, if I injure myself and can not work, if I neglect family to pursue workouts, if I am exhausted and unable to work efficiently at my job then I have crossed a line from cardio-enthusiast to cardioholic.

Recently, I completed the Blue Ridge Half Marathon. Over the course of the 10 week training program I lost 5 lbs of muscle mass and find that my 10 rep max bench press has dropped from 140 lbs to 120 lbs. This was very irresponsible of me to just "let myself go" like this, so I...am now a recovering cardioholic. Part of my recovery plan is to spend more time lifting weights so that when I start training for the Richmond full Marathon in late July I will be in good shape to avoid overuse injuries and to keep my muscle mass constant over the course of that 16 week training plan.

I hope any casual readers of this blog will find it beneficial and feel free to leave comments...

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