Thursday, April 21, 2011

A word about the comfort zone

If your reading this and you don't know me, or haven't been around in the past 15 plus years, then you might not know that it has only been since Jan '09 that I have taken an interest in fitness. I had never been athletic at all...ever, as a matter of fact. I had also been rather thin most of my life too. Sometime around '94 I started gaining weight and I thought it was neat at first cause it was new and different. By '01 I was flirting with 190 and thinking I needed to make some changes, but I wasn't really motivated, and by Dec '08 I had to make a choice, go up to a 40" waist or make some changes.

I opted for the changes.

One thing I learned as I was dropping 10" off my waist, and I want to share this with as many people as I can, is just this. THE COMFORT ZONE IS YOUR ENEMY. I have found that to be true in every aspect of life. If you want to lose weight, be more athletic, get ahead at work, be a better parent, or anything else, then you have got to be willing to change things up.

My personal goals right now happen to be fitness related, and I am in a comfort zone. When I wanted to lose weight I changed things up by giving up most (not all) processed foods and most (not all) meats and getting a fair amount of exercise. When I wanted to be more athletic I signed up for local foot races and followed a training plan. Now I want to branch out a little bit and pull away from that runners comfort zone.

I'm already signed up for my first sprint tri on May 1st, which is a huge step outside the comfort zone for me, and now I'm alerted to an organized group ride on May 22nd that I will probably end up doing too. 2 events over the next 30 days and I have no idea what to expect.

That's a good thing...

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