Friday, May 6, 2011

Moving Forward...

     What next? In order to answer that I have to look at where I am? This Saturday is a Mountain Junkie Half Marathon. I don't miss Mtn. Junkie events, but I'll be just finishing up 3 weeks of a recovery based workout schedule since the Blue Ridge Half and the 3 weeks before that was tapering for the Blue Ridge Half, so I'm not really looking to do anything special with it. I'll give it what I've got and hope to keep a pace in the 7's in order to continue my trail race streak of keeping the pace in the 7's range.

     I have a good feeling about the upcoming Festival in the Park 10k. I have done three asphalt 10k events so far and each one was progressively faster (52:56, 45:13, and 43:07). I think I can continue this streak. Even though I've been following a recovery schedule lately, I still kinda been pushing it on my weekly treadmill run and I've recently managed to hold my 5k pace for 4 miles instead of the usual 3.1 so in theory if I maintain  that level and maybe push it to 4 1/2 or 5 miles, then I might be able to get a 41:00-41:59 out of it on race day.

     Cycling is looking good for goal setting. Now that I've done a little bit of competitive cycling at the Angels Race triathlon, I've developed some additional enthusiasm for the activity. Cycling had always been more about cross training and not so much about an activity with specific training to target it's own goals. That's starting to change. I've signed up for a metric century group ride and even though I have one or two 65 milers under my belt I didn't finish 'em very strong. It didn't really matter cause I was just looking to get in the mileage, but I want to finish the Storming of Thunder Ridge strong when I do it on May 22nd. I'm also looking at a century ride later in the season maybe late June to early July.

     June comes in with the Mtn. Junkie 25k at Carvins Cove which I will do some specific training for. For the most part May, June and July are going to be about just maintaining a running mileage base in the 25-28 miles per week range, but I will build up a little in mid to late may to accommodate a solid effort  at this event.

     Mid June is also the inaugural Triadventure summer sprint in Christiansburg. I think it would be a worthy experience to swim competitively in a deep 50m pool as opposed to the 5-6 foot deep 25m pools that I've swam in up to now. Plus it would give me an opportunity to  document a good competitive swim. My swim at the Angels Race did NOT reflect where I'm at in that discipline and it eats at me just a little every day. I think just a ounce of organizational effort on the transitions would allow me some significant improvement in those times as well.

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