Saturday, July 30, 2011

Training for Richmond: Week 1

     Intervals (Mon): Goal was to keep the sprint laps in the 6's and the recovery laps in the 8's. Actually that's a long term goal, I was happy with my paces and expect to see some easy improvement next week.

     Tempo (Wed): 4 mile treadmill sprint: Long term goal is to keep my Tempo runs in the 6's, I will probably be doing this on the treadmill for the next 2 weeks. I paced a 6:38 this week and look to do a 6:23 pace by Aug 10th.

     Recovery (Thurs): Felt really good, kept it evenly paced uphill and down just to add some challenge to the up hill, pace was in the high 7's. Perfect. I hope to do this every Thursday at exactly this pace.

     Long (Sat): Just a little bit disappointed that my pace was in the mid 8's instead of the mid 7's, not sure where my energy was today. I'm not too concerned about it though. Plenty of time to pick up the pace.

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