Saturday, August 6, 2011

Training for Richmond: Week 2

     Intervals (Mon): Chose to take it to the parkway and sprint between the bridges (.44 mi) and do recoveries from the bridges to the mile posts on each end. Comparing these intervals to the last time I ran intervals on this course I was presently surprised to see that my sprints are still very close to where they were and that most of my slower pace was due to weakness on the uphill recovery interval.

     Tempo (Wed): Continued with using the treadmill for my 4 mile tempo run. Overall pace and results are very acceptable, but I was a little fatigued after 3,5 miles and backed the speed from 9.4 mph to 8.5 mph for the next 4/10ths of a mile. I made up for it a little by running the last 1/10th at 9.5 mph so as to finish strong. My treadmill 4 miler PR is 4 miles all at 9.4 mph steady and I did that after a swim. Now that I'm marathon training running always comes first when I do a double workout, so I think I'm in good position now to set a new PR next week.

     Recovery (Thurs): Even on recovery days I can't help but push a little bit, so today I took it to the Stewarts Knob trail. Trails have the natural effect of slowing me down so as to accommodate recovery speeds, but this trail in particular has always been challenging for me to match my typical trail paces on. On asphalt a good recovery pace is 8 min/miles. On trails I bump it up to 8:30 min/miles. For this trail an 8:45-8:55 pace would have been acceptable, but I pulled off the 8:30 anyway with a hard push on the last mile.

     Long (Sat): As I walked out the door I din't know for sure which route I would end up doing. Either the Dedicated Parkway 12 Miler or 3 laps of my 4 mile primary loop. I was disappointed by last weeks long run pace so doing the same route, the 3 laps of the primary loop, would have been a good measure for progress. Still, I went with the Dedicated Parkway 12 Miler because I wanted to see where I was at in comparison to other points in time and not just last week. I improved my pace by 20 sec per mile over last week with an 8:10 pace. My long run target pace is 7:30 so I can be content with measurable improvement over last week and the knowledge that 2 weeks into training for Richmond that I am about where I was when I was before I started training for the Blue Ridge Half and that race went well.

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