Saturday, August 13, 2011

Training for Richmond Week 3

     Intervals: 8 miles (Mon): Very solid progress! Running intervals around my neighborhood I like to see the sprints in the 6's and the recoveries in the low 8's. I stayed close to target paces for the first 7 laps, but even for laps 8-16 I was consistently in the 7's and 9's which is significant progress from 2 weeks ago.

     Tempo: 4 miles (Wed): I knew this would be my last 4 mile tempo run for awhile so I wanted to make it count. I set a new 4 mile treadmill PR with a time of 25:21 (6:21 pace). I used 9.4 mph for the first mile, then I bumped it up to 9.5 mph for 1.5 miles and then I bumped it back down to 9.4 mph for the remainder. Next week I up the tempo run to 6 miles so I will be bumping the pace down just a hair. This is marathon training so no need to push the limits with max speed when a merely healthy speed will suffice.

     Recovery: 4 miles (Thurs): I would have preferred to do my recovery run on a nice wooded trail, but it just wasn't meant to be. Pressed for time, I chose to add a few side streets to my neighborhood run to make an even 1 mile route and then I ran it for 4 laps. The final pace of 7:46 is just a little faster than I had intended, but I held back all I could so I'm upping my target recovery pace to 7:45 for asphalt recoveries for the remainder of training.

     Long: 14 miles (Sat): I knew throwing in some trail miles would drag my pace down, but variety was more important than speed to me today since I had missed my trail run earlier in the week. I ended up running 10 asphalt and 4 trail miles with the miles 1,2, 8 &9 being the bulk of the Stewarts knob trail. Final pace of 8:30 is acceptable given the slowing effect of trails and with this having been my first 14 miler in months. Next week's 14 miler will be more telling as far as what I'm capable of, today was kinda just taking it easy and getting it done.

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