Saturday, August 20, 2011

Training For Richmond: Week 4

     Tempo: 6 Miles (Tues): I took it to the Parkway for my tempo this week. As I progress through this current training cycle I hope to be able to set PR's on each of my dedicated training routes (except the 4 miler). I nailed it first time at bat with the 6 miler today, beating my old record by over two minutes. Logging my first sub 6 minute mile in months on this run was particularly rewarding in itself.

     Intervals: 8 Miles (Wed): After yesterdays high intensity tempo run I really just wanted to do recovery paces today, but the schedule calls for intervals, so I compromised  and took it to Explore Park to run intervals on the beginner trail. I had run intervals here last time back in Apr and was consistently hitting 7's for the sprints and 9's on the recoverys. I couldn't quite match that, but I was well into my half marathon training cycle then and I'm barely started in my current training cycle, so I'm encouraged just knowing I only missed my targets my small amounts.

     Recovery: 4 Miles (Fri): Back to the Parkway for my Primary Loop 4 mile route. Took it really easy on the down hills and focused any significant effort on the uphills. When I do my recoveries on asphalt its all about holding a pace and not taking every mile as fast as I can get it. Today I kept each mile within 10 seconds of target (with 7:40 being target) and averaged it all out to a 7:41 pace. Not too bad.

     Long: 14 Miles (Sat): Looking at the trends in my training lately I knew I had a good chance of bringing my long run pace back into the 7's with this run, so I decided to do the same route that I did about a month before the Blue Ridge Half. I did finally get a 7:52 pace, so my training is working and I'd have to say everything is on target. Over the next month or so I'll be looking to bring my long run pace down to about 7:30 even as my long run distance continues to escalate. At this point in training for Richmond last year my long run pace was still in the upper 9's so I have a lot to be encouraged about.

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