Saturday, August 27, 2011

Training for Richmond: Week 5

     Intervals: 8 miles (Mon): Hit most of my target paces and showed significant improvement over last intervals ran on this course during week 2 of training.

     Tempo: 6 miles (Wed): Treadmill, amazed myself by holding 9.5 mph for a full 4 miles. Finished the last 2 miles with mile 5 at 9.0 mph followed by a 1/2 mile at 8.5 mph and the final 1/2 mile back up to 9.0 mph for a strong finish.

     Recovery: 4 miles (Fri): Stewarts Knob Trail. Legs was still dead from yesterdays 40 mile high effort bike ride, but I still pulled off a PR for this course by pushing past the fatigue which kinda defeated the purpose of the run being a "recovery" effort. Still gonna call it a recovery run since it was such a comparatively short distance.

     Long: 16 miles (Sat): Back on the parkway for 2 laps of my regular 8 mile route. Pace was a bit slower than what I had hoped for, but still very much on par with what I should have expected. Next week's long run will be a 16 mile trail race and the results of that should give me a lot to think about with the Richmond Marathon being just 10 weeks away from that day.

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