Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Upcoming races.

     All my runnin' peeps will be at the Fab 5k this Saturday the 20th and I will be doing a long run solo. Why is that? Usually this would be my anniversary weekend get away, but my lovely wife wanted to be a volunteer for this race so that leaves the door open for me to participate or even volunteer myself. Maybe it has to do with my insane expectations for myself. I believe if I did this race I would expect too much from myself. I expect to go sub 19 at my next 5k and I'm just not ready for it yet. Marathon training schedule calls for a 14 mile long run on Saturday, so I think I better do that with the Iron Mountain 16 Mile race looming on the horizon.

     So why am I doing Iron Mountain? Well, it fit perfectly into my training schedule, but wait...there's more. I have a completely unjustified pet peeve that I use for fuel when I'm running. That pet peeve is the 9 minute mile. I don't care what the terrain is I should always be able to run any mile in under 9 minutes. When I see that a mile has taken 9 minutes or more to run I get angry and I want revenge. Not just the "ok, lets do it in 8:59" kinda revenge either. I'm talking about the "brutally punishing, screaming for air, fall over dead but do this mile in 7:30" kinda revenge. Unfair...? Absolutely. A bit harsh with myself? That's putting it mildly. Still, it's my fuel, it's what I run on, and it is what it is. I want to "run for fun", and I'm getting better at it, but what I really understand is "run to see how fast you can go". The Conquer the Cove 25k (http://cardioholicsanonymous.blogspot.com/2011/06/rnutsconquer-cove-25k-race-report.html) was just shy of 16 miles and I finished with a final pace of 9:16. I stand by my race report in that 9:16 was a solid pace for that course and with all things considered, it was definitely all I was capable of on that day, but it was NOT all that I'm capable of. A second 16 mile trail race in the same year usually wouldn't happen, but this time...it's personal!


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