Saturday, September 10, 2011

Training for Richmond: Week 7

     Intervals: 10.73 miles: (Mon): First 7 laps were on target in the 6's and 8's just like during week 3 training, and the remaining laps were in the 7's and 9's just like in week 3 training. Still, it is significant improvement that this week the 7's and 9's were on the low end and in week 3 they were on the high end. Also, this week I ran 4 more laps and held the better paces which speaks well for my endurance.

     Tempo: 8 miles: (Wed): Overall happy with holding a 6:48 pace for this run. Dropped out of the 9.5 mph pace at mile 3.1 and had intended to hold it till mile 4 as I had done 3 weeks ago, not sure where the decreased performance came from, but I'll chalk it up to a nutritional deficiency. Anyways I only held 9.0 mph from mile 3.1 to 4, and then I dropped it to 8.8 till mile 6.2 and then dropped it to 7.5 for the remainder of the run. The 6:48 pace is acceptable, but I'm not really happy about the week to week decrease in performance over the first 6 miles. Here is the comparison data for my top treadmill tempo runs at the 4, 6, and 8 mile distances... I think a 6:34 pace today would have been statistically realistic, but again...nutritional deficiency and enough about that. It was my fastest 8 miler ever, so I guess that's worth something.

     Recovery: 4.08 miles: (Fri): In keeping with the spirit of recovery running, I just kinda put it in neutral and kept a relaxed pace with this one. Then I realized after the 3rd mile that I had done each mile in 8 min/mile range, so I kicked it up a notch just to see if I could do the 4th mile at a sub 9 pace. I had wanted to run that specific mile at sub 9 for some time, but after putting 3 in front of it I never could squeak it out. Finally got it today!

     Long: 16 miles: (Sat): I really needed this! My target long run pace is 7:30 and this was the first time hitting it in the current training cycle. I had gotten a 14 miler into the high 7's a few weeks back, but nothing close to 7:30. And to top it off...I felt like I could have run 2 or 3 more miles at target pace, but better to not push it.

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