Saturday, September 24, 2011

Training For Richmond: Week 9

     Tempo: 8 miles (Mon): (Pre-run psych up) Ok, this is it. Final attempt to set an 8 mile PR on my Dedicated Parkway 8 Mile training route during this training cycle. Time to beat is 57:06 and I aim to make it look easy. No meat yesterday, oatmeal this morning, trying Muscle Milk as a pre-run experiment. :) I did it. I suspected a little pre-run blogging would help me focus. This was my 3rd and final 8 mile tempo run in the current training cycle and achieving the PR today is a huge confidence booster. I had a strong 8 mile on the treadmill 2 weeks ago, but when I tried to repeat that performance on asphalt last week I came up a little short. Ordinarily I would have done this weeks 8 mile tempo on technical trails, but I needed a 2nd chance at the PR for this route. Here is the Garmin comparison data for all 3 of my 8 mile tempo's in this training cycle..., Garmins record treadmill data a little differently, so please disregard any confusing data on that one.

     Intervals: 10 miles (Tues): Raining this morning so rather than get out a muddy trail where my ability to hit target paces would be hampered by the mud (and to avoid overexposure to asphalt) I took it to the treadmill. First time doing intervals on a treadmill...I didn't like it a whole lot. I like treadmills for short distance tempo running, but with intervals I was always having to watch my distance and change up my speeds at specific intervals and it made it difficult to get in the "zone". I cant remember my exact statistical breakdown, but it was 1/2 mile increment alternating between high 5's and low 7's for the first 4ish miles, then high 6's and high 8's for the last 6 miles. Having not done intervals on a treadmill before I'm not certain how this compares to other interval workouts, but it was a good overall pace of 7:23 min/mile.

     Long: 18 miles (Thurs): I have a 10k race this Saturday so I wanted to get my long run in a few days early. I went to Explore Park and just started running. I had entertained thoughts of pre running the Into the Darkness night trail race course, but the road was posted No Trespassing, so I ran around the beginner trail and the down to the Roanoke River and back and then thought it would be a good idea to run to the Stewarts Knob Trail head and back. I didn't estimate the mileage very well and ended up 2 miles from my car after the run was over. My intention was just to set a pleasant pace and enjoy this as a long recovery run, but the humidity was high and having just ran a 18 miles 5 days ago I really had to dig deep.

     Tempo (Race Actually): 6.2 miles (Sat): As a tempo run this was slightly above par as compared to recent statistical data. For a full evaluation of this run feel free to read my race report for the Big Lick Triathlon.

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