Tuesday, October 11, 2011

More Randomness...(with a side order of sarcasm)

1) Overcoming negative thoughts. Sometimes a negative thought can creep in while trying to maintain a challenging pace. Usually it says something like "slow down", "this is too fast", or "your not ready for this yet". At times like that I think the best approach is just to grab a baseball bat and whack myself in the shins real good. After awhile my mind will start to associate negative thoughts with pain and eventually it will suppress negative thoughts altogether in order to avoid pain.

2) Pacing. Last year while running the Richmond Marathon I "bonked" after about 19-20 miles and had to walk/run the remainder of the race. In all the miles I've ever ran, that and GU energy gels, are the worst memories I've got. As a rule of thumb I like to give it all I got right from the word go. Start out with a violent pace and hold it till I cross the finish line. Unfortunately that strategy didn't work out so well over 26.2 miles last year so I've been playing with pacing myself a little bit during this current training cycle. I think I may try to just run with one of the pace teams from start to finish this year in Richmond and just see how it goes.

3) Listening to your body. In athletic circles I tend to hear a lot of talk about "listen to my body" as it refers to avoiding injuries. Thats all good, but what about when my body is lying or saying mean things like "Ouch! This hurts!" or "I need a Doctor! QUICK!" In times like that I think it's best to revisit random thought #1 and possibly modify it by applying the blunt force trauma directly to the head...because nothing says "Stop lying to me!" like a blunt force trauma wound to the head. Incidentally, if my body continues with the same chatter even after my self guided therapy, then I would have a good idea that maybe their actually is a problem that needs to be addressed.

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