Saturday, October 1, 2011

Training For Richmond: Week 10

     Tempo: 10 Miles (Mon): Established a new PR for this route by just under 2 minutes. Content, but not incredibly happy with todays effort. For some reason this particular 10 mile course challenges me in ways that other 10 mile courses can't. Recent statistics would support me running a 72 min to 74 min 10 mile tempo run. I'm going to be content with this PR and just let it ride, but next weeks 10 mile tempo will have a flatter elevation profile.
     Here is the Garmin comparison data for todays new PR versus the old PR set on July 16th 2011

     Intervals: 12 Miles (Wed): Maintained the same target paces of 7's and 9's as was the case the 2 other times I did my interval workouts here during weeks 4 and 6. I just missed the target 7 on lap 10 and then I just took the last 4 laps at much slower targets of 9's and 11's. Consistent with weeks past, I just don't do as well on Wednesdays probably due to the vigorous cycling that I tend to do on Tuesdays ( As compared to week 6, where I hit all targets for 12 laps on a Monday, I faded out early. Yet, as compared to week 4, where I barely hit any targets over the 9 laps, I did exceptionally well.
     Recovery: 4 miles (Fri): I done good. Sometimes it hurts to hold back when I really want to let loose, but tomorrow is long run day and I don't want to go into it with any fatigue. Also worth mentioning is that I'll be tweaking my cross training routine towards less cycling and more swimming. I had hoped the 60-100 miles of cycling per week would go a long way towards conditioning me for longer and longer workouts, it seemed to be helping for awhile, but at this point it seems to just be burning me out instead. Besides now that my weekly running mileage is higher than its ever been I need to take extra precautions to not over do it. This blog is called Cardioholics Anonymous for a remind me and others not to over do it with training and end up injured or neglecting other aspects of life.

     Long: 18 miles (Sat):  The first 12 miles of this course is the south bound version of the 18 miler I ran 2 weeks ago and the last 6 miles are identical. My mindset was that I wanted to toy with the idea of pacing in mid 7's. Ultimately pacing is not a practical idea where I run because of the huge differences in elevation gain and loss from one mile to the next, but I seem to have done ok with it. I was also experimenting with nuun electrolyte tablets and breaking in new shoes. The new shoes did cause some discomfort, but after the run was over I felt a lot stronger than what I can describe as typical, so maybe the electrolyte tablets helped. Interesting that this 18 mile run was only 2 seconds faster than the one I did 2 weeks ago, I guess thats what they call consistency. Final avg pace of 7:42 is 15 seconds slower than a Boston Qualifying pace, but conventional wisdom suggests that its nothing to be discouraged about. 3 more long runs to go...2-20's and 1-22 miler. Here is the comparison data from the 18 miler 2 weeks ago, I'm omitting the 18 miler from last week since it was intentionally slow.

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