Saturday, October 8, 2011

Training for Richmond: Week 11

     Tempo: 10 miles (Mon): Happy to see this tempo run finished with an overall pace under a 7 min/mile. I wanted to see if I could keep all 10 miles at a sub 7 pace, but mile 9 saw me needing a recovery mile and mile 10 I was on the verge of a comeback, but not there yet. I believe if I had been due another mile or 2 I probably could have got back in the 6's. Oh well, it was a great very flat run on the Roanoke River Greenway and it was my fastest 10 miler to date. Last weeks 10 mile tempo was a course PR, but I was a little disappointed with the avg. pace. This week I effectively eliminated the elevation gain and loss and that seems to have made a significant difference. Here is the Garmin comparison data:

     Intervals: 12 Miles (Wed): Even though I was due for an interval workout on one of my asphalt courses, I wanted to see if I could detect any significant week to week improvements by swapping my regular Tuesday x-training over to swimming from cycling so I went back to Explore Park to run interval laps on the beginner trail. Week to week comparison data looks reassuring that I did the right thing. I held target paces of 9's and 7's for 11 laps this week vs 9 last week and I kept the burn out paces in the 8's and 10's versus 9's and 11's a week ago. Think I'll stick to the more swimming, less cycling x-training strategy for now.

     Recovery: 5 Miles (Fri): Just jostling the bones around to get in the miles and not burn myself out for tomorrows long run. Intended to do it all on the Chestnut Ridge trail, but my gas tank was low and I didn't have my wallet so I went to the closer trails at Explore Park. That didn't work out so well for a trail run either as I thought I smelled a bear on the beginner loop and ended up running most of the 5 miles on the streets. I ran it progressively with a slow cool down mile at the end. Not really a challenge since I started out so slow.

     Long: 20 Miles (Sat): I went out looking for just a comfortable 20 mile route, but I didn't feel like driving somewhere flat, so I decided just to run 5 laps of my primary 4 mile loop. I intended to run every mile in the high 7's which translates into a downhill slow/uphill fast strategy. I pegged it for the first 18 miles, but the 18th mile was tough and I knew I needed to fall back on my paces to finish up. Ultimately content that I still pulled off an average pace in the high 7's for my first 20 miler of the current training cycle. Interestingly enough, my first long run of this training cycle from week 1 was 3 laps of this same route and my final pace ended up in the mid 8's... you say "massive improvement" ? I knew that you could!

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