Saturday, October 15, 2011

Training For Richmond: Week 12: Peak Mileage Week (50+)

     Tempo: 12 miles (Mon): This was my first of 3 attempts at a 12 mile tempo run for this training cycle. I try to set new PR's on my Dedicated Parkway routes during my tempo runs and I had been somewhat pessimistic about this one because I set it during the taper period of marathon training training last year when I was truly at my best for this distance. In my first attempt today I missed the course record by 3 seconds. I can be happy with that even if I don't beat it during this training cycle. Here is the today-vs-course record Garmin data: I'm undecided if I will use my other two 12 mile tempo runs to try and beat the course record. In this instance close enough may be close enough and I may use at least one tempo on a level course for variety's sake.

     Intervals: 12 miles (Wed): Used the treadmill again for this interval run. The numbers aren't really good for comparative purposes because I threw in a 1000yd swim right after the 6th mile. I really like a good treadmill run when its 4 miles long, but 12 miles on a treadmill sucks so I had to break up the monotony with something. I just can't evaluate this workout from a marathon training perspective, but I'm sure it was beneficial on some level.

     Recovery: 6 miles (Thurs): Emphasizing comfort and just staying active. This is going to be my peak mileage week for the current training cycle and I want to get as much out of my recovery miles as possible by not pushing the pace at all.

     Long: 20 miles (Sat): At this point in the current training cycle every run seems like its some kind of critical, all defining referendum on my chances of achieving a specific goal pace of 7:27 in Richmond next month. If that is so then I'd have to say that this week and this run in particular have been very encouraging. Even though my pace today was an avg of 7:36 and I was fading, I know that race day adrenalin can push me to exceed my best training run. This week was my first week of running 50+ miles and most miles were clocked in the low 7"s. Today was also my fastest 20 miler to date and with 1 more week of hard running and 3 weeks of tapering to look forward to I feel great about my odds of a PR and relatively good about my odds of Boston Qualifying!

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