Sunday, October 23, 2011

Training For Richmond: Week 13: *The Hay Is In The Barn*

   *The Hay is In The Barn* is a Hal Higdon expression refering to the point in training when you can't get any faster or increase your endurance before race day, but you can still get injured or lose fitness. In other words...Let The Taper Begin! 

     Tempo: 12 Miles (Mon): I guess I still had some lingering fatigue issues from Saturdays 20 miler cause I never really could find my target paces out there today. I pushed where I could, but for a tempo run it was really just sluggish. Still, the final overall pace of 7:44 does represent about a better than average time for me on this course, just not an excellent one like last Mondays 7:11. Here is the comparison data:

     Intervals: 12 Miles (Wed): Steady cold drizzle outside influenced me to take the interval routine to the treadmill for a 2nd week in a row. Sticking with last Wednesday's template, I through a 1000yd indoor pool swim into the workout after mile 6. I'm not certain what influence the non-continuous running routine is having on my interval training, but at this point the "hay is pretty much in the barn", so I'm not gonna stress on it too much. Compared to last Wednesday R1 was considerably faster, T1 was twice as long, S1 was slightly longer, T2 was about the same, and R2 was a good bit faster. The main thing is the running was faster on both ends, so I'm not overly concerned with the rest of it.

     Long: 22 Miles (Sat): Split my scheduled 22 mile long run up into 4 segments with a good 2 hour break between the 3rd and 4th segment.Not sure how splitting it into segments compares with continuous running, but I really wanted to do the 10 mile race figuring it to be my best chance to run 10 with no miles slower than a 7 min/mile. Happy to say I did succeed in that goal. After the race, I ran 2 laps of the Chestnut Ridge Trail at a very comfortable pace to get my mileage in. Then I hike a 4 mile night trail race with my daughter at the end of the day. All in all it was a 27 mile day, with 23 running and 4 hiking.

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