Saturday, October 29, 2011

Training For Richmond: Week 14: Let the taper begin

     Recovery: 4 miles (Mon): After about 10 steps into it I knew my regular Monday morning tempo just wasn't going to happen. Even for recovery miles they were kinda slow. Glad that tapering has started. Energy levels should be in high gear by this time next week.

     Tempo: 10 miles (Tues): Energy level still a little low, but I ended up with an average time for this course. Kicked it around in the 7's for awhile, then finished up in the 8's. The hay is in the barn. All I need to do is maintain it till Nov 12th when it goes to the market. I doubt one slow tempo will have much effect in the grand scheme of things.

     Intervals: 8.5 miles (Thurs): Physically I was ready to get back at it, but mentally I just didn't want to push the paces. My initial taper strategy, to maintain intensity while decreasing mileage is somewhat controversial in that many plans actually call for decreased intensity during the taper. Now that I've had 5 days of reduced workload I'm just loving it so much that pushing the pace past anything more than a slight effort seems beyond consideration. I'm just gonna play it by ear rather than force anything right now. Typical interval paces at the Explore Park beginner trail are sprints in the 7's and recoveries in the 9's, today was 8's and 10's. Its been a long 13 weeks of base and endurance building, so I guess physically I'm just soaking up the reduced work load this week. Time will tell.

     Long: 14 miles (Sat): Felt really good out there today, never really felt like I was pushing it, but still had a solid pace of 7:37 and felt like I could have kept it up all day. Two weeks before Richmond last year I ran my dedicated parkway 12 mile route with a 7:11 pace and I had debated trying to beat that today, but the more I read up on tapering last night the more I felt like leaning to the cutting back intensity and mileage route instead of just mileage. I guess we will see how it all plays out in two weeks.

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