Saturday, November 5, 2011

Training For Richmond: Week 15: Just Maintenance

     Tempo: 8 miles (Mon): Faster than what I really should have been doing, but I just wanted to push it a little and do something in the low 7's. After not really pushing at all last week it was kinda taxing pushing it on the treadmill for this one, and for being in the taper period it was probably of questionable wisdom to be running faster than marathon pace. Still, I got off the treadmill feeling better than when I got on it, so that's worth something. It is such a nice day out, I only used the treadmill because I don't know if I'll be able to swim tomorrow, I wanted to be able to swim some laps right off the treddy today.

     Intervals: 6.5 miles (Wed): Results was typical, which is about all I could hope for. Targets were 6's and 8's, lap 8 has always been the lap that first misses the target, and today was no exception. I didn't try to get back to speed, it's taper week so I just kept it in the 7's and 9's from lap 8 on.

     Recovery: 3.5 miles (Thurs): Jostling the bones around on my favorite out and back trail. No push at all. Garmin data is blemished because it mysteriously started recording again for part of the ride to the gym. I fixed it as best I was a trifling exercise anyways. It's a worthy note to mention that this is my "go to" 4 mile trail run location and that I have decided to alter the standard route by just a touch. Previously, I start at the trail head and run 1.5 miles to the parkway, then 1/2 mile on the parkway, then turn around at a large sign just past the rt 24 ramps and then return from whence I came for a full 4 miles. Upon deep reflection I have decided that adding 1/2 mile before the trail and another 1/2 mile after the trail at the overlook parking area is a much better location to pick up the extra mile since it will keep me off the main road. This will make past data less than 100% comparable with future data, but I think it's a good trade off. I look forward to garminizing the new route next week.

     Long: 10 miles (Sat): Just kickin' it around in the 7's again today. Pushed a little on the uphills and took it easy on downhills. Ended up with a pace just shy of my target marathon pace. Great run, but probably a little faster than what I should have been doing 1 week before the marathon.

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