Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011: By The Numbers: Mileage

     2011 has been stellar looking at the big picture. There has certainly been highs and lows, but that is just the way it goes with endurance sport competitions. Its like a sine wave, you take the peaks with the valleys and when your peaking athletically it feels real good and the competition results are amazing, then its time to recover and the stats start looking not quite as good. I like to participate in events year round weather I'm high on a peak or down in the valley, because for me its more about being healthy and active than it is about race results.

     That said, I do want to end 2011 here on Cardioholics Anonymous with a year end activity report. Not only is it important for me to use this post for reference material when I devise my next training plan, but some who might read this might get inspired to do something similar. Monitoring and logging activity data is a great way to help understand why as an individual I might be in the particular shape I'm in. One website, dailymile, helps me with this a lot. All of these charts are generated from the dailymile site. It is important for me to post this on the last day of the year, but fractional data may change some final numbers when dailymile updates the data tonight. If that happens I'll update this post.

     All: Total mileage for this year including run, bike, swim, walk, hike, and elliptical machine is coming in at 4259 miles. I didn't keep records for 2010, but I'm almost certain that 4259 miles is a qualifier for the most active I've ever been.

     Swimming: My goal of swimming 104 miles in 2011 turned out to be the most consistently challenging fitness related activity that I participated in this year. I don't like to makes me sad...but just getting to the pool 3 and 4 days a week and working on getting better at something that I truly don't enjoy proved to be incredibly rewarding. I'm still below average with my speeds in the water, but at least I'm not way below average anymore.

     Cycling: I originally started 2011 intending to ride 2011 miles, but I hit that target sometime in the late summer, so I bumped it up to 2400 miles just to keep me motivated.

     Running: My race schedule determines my run mileage, so I didn't set an arbitrary goal to run a set number of miles. I run 3 times a week (usually 4, 6, and 8 miles) when I'm not training for a half or a full marathon, and I run 4 times a week gradually escalating the weekly mileage when I'm training. Knowing in January that I was going to train for one half and one full marathon in 2011 I roughly figured I'd run about 1200 miles. Turns out I ran just under 1400.

     All in all it was an exhaustive year of training. I'm glad I did it. 2011 will stand out as a high mileage year in all 3 disciplines. I'll probably try to beat it someday, but I can't say what the long term future holds. I don't see me putting this much effort into training in 2012 though.

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  1. That's some awesome mileage, coupled with a great year overall!