Friday, December 9, 2011

2011: By The Numbers: Vital Signs

      If you've looked at this blog before you may have noticed a tendency of mine to ramble on about numbers. I do get a certain satisfaction from pushing my limits and testing my boundaries with the whole swim, bike, run, lift and stretch routine, but the numbers that matter the most to me are the numbers that got me interested in active living in the first place. That would be weight, BMI, Fat %, and blood pressure. I'd say cholesterol too, but I only check that once a year, so I don't have enough collective data to include that one.

      A few years ago my health statistics didn't look so good. I was obese and my cholesterol was getting to a point were I was going to need medication. I decided to skip the whole pharmaceutical racket and opted to give clean living a try instead...lets see how thats working so far,,,

Weight (click to enlarge)

BMI (click to enlarge)

Body Fat (click to enlarge)
Blood Pressure (click to enlarge)

      Looking at the charts I'd have to say I'm statistically perfect. Getting these numbers with zero pharmaceuticals is icing on the cake. If you want results like these, I have a suggestion...Ask your doctor if eating right and getting off your ass is right for you!

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