Wednesday, December 21, 2011

This is a NO CAN'T ZONE...easily defeated need not proceed!

     Maybe it was my fault for not making it clear. This blog is about what IS possible. We all have about the same capacity to make ourselves healthy, but some of get bogged down with life and literally let ourselves go, like I did. That's fine, and maybe some folks enjoy their obesity, that's fine too...I myself wasn't too concerned about being obese. My motivation for fitness primarily revolved around health statistics and avoiding pharmaceuticals.

     Certainly not everyone who might read this blog is going to be like minded, that's fine, go do your your thing. This blog is about what you CAN also do, IF you want to. (I also enjoy the occasional creative writing exercise, but thats neither here nor there.) I usually spend 60-90 minutes a day doing some combination of running, swimming, cycling, lifting and/or stretching. I'm also known to use an elliptical machine from time to time. Nothing super human about that. I do it, and you can too.

     Granted, I seem to possess a certain capacity for finishing races with above average results, but can to...if you want to.

     The raw facts is that from age 38 to age 40 I got faster, stronger, leaner, and healthier than I ever dreamed possible when I started this whole fitness bit. That is what the human body is capable of when it is conditioned properly. You CAN run, you CAN bike, you CAN swim, you CAN get strong, you CAN get flexible, you CAN eat right, you CAN lose weight, and you CAN get healthy. If you do enough of it then eventually you CAN win your age group in a race or even win the whole thing! (If you wanted to that is)

     So in conclusion, while I usually refrain from the profane, I do just want to say that if you happen to read this blog and think some weak ass lame shit like "Wow, that guy sure is athletic, but I can't do those things, so he shouldn't talk down on unhealthy eating, sedentary lifestyles, and obesity so much.", then carry that weak ass lame shit on to some other source of reading material.


  1. Great post! I call it “fighting the inertia of the mind”. Everyone assumes and, of course they are reinforced by their peers, that as they age they will get fat, slow, and decrepit. And, as we know, you get what you expect. I’ll be 53 in Jan and just hit my college weight of 146 pounds. Goals are to get back to sub 19 5K’s and get my mile time below 5:15 in 2012. If I don’t over train it will happen.

  2. was someone mean to you about one of your blogs?

  3. Love this post! (Also, thank you for changing the comment section so I can leave a comment with my name and URL.) Hope to see you at a race soon.

  4. @Steve: Those are the same trends I see. It does erk me just a little to see so many folks just literally give up on their health, but we just cant do it for 'em.
    @Anon: There seems to have been a tone of resentment from some sources lately, I can only speculate why. If the idea is to induce a change in my behavior then they will fail :)
    @David: Thanks! Mountain Junkie events start up in a few weeks, so maybe I'll see you there!

  5. I'm tired of hearing from others about how "wow, I could never do that" Well, it's not like one day I said I'm going to go run 15 miles today and do it!!! It takes time, practice and patience. It takes determination and drive. A guy I stopped and talked to for a moment while on a trail run the other day, complimented me on running the distance I was doing that day, and He made such a he patted his round belly. Yet in return I just complimented him as well on being out there in the woods with his dog and getting the exercise her was getting. I told him that if he wanted to, each time he went out for a walk in the woods, he could increase his pace and distance, and he'd be amazed at his progress... IF he chose to do it... I applaud him for even being out there....
    People call us crazy for being out there. I say sitting on the couch is what's crazy.

  6. I think it mostly comes down to conditioning, James. Like you said "...time, practice and patience". I do "get" it that health is not a priority for a significant number of people and even those of us who try to live healthy are not guaranteed even one extra minute on this earth, but I have to wonder about folks who literally make zero effort to stay mobile and/or fit. The couch is just one step away from the wheelchair and many diabetics go out one limb at a time.