Monday, February 13, 2012

10 Things I Love About Running

#runchat is having a blog contest so I'm going to step outside of my usual blogging formats and do a top 10 list of 10 things I love about running...hope yall enjoy!

10) Exhilaration! Pushing my limits to their furthest boundaries never gets old! I can't always hit new limits, but I can always find my limits for the specific given day. I spent decades not knowing what I was is definitely worth the effort to wake up each morning and find out what your made of.

9) Statistics. Its great to have a data bank of numbers to manage. Once the bills are paid and I'm sittin around all broke lookin at a bunch of zeroes in my check book, its good to know I have a handy training log nearby with all kinds of numbers to pour over and contemplate where I can do better!

8) Gadgets! Garmin 305! Almost as good as having a best friend! Actually, since it's Valentines Day, I think I'll take my Garmin out to a nice dinner and maybe some wine.

7) The Treadmill. O.K. I'm an oddball even in runners circles cause I never call the treadmill a "dreadmill". I have the time of my life every time I get on one. I usually just use treadmills for short distance tempo runs, so if you ever see me on one the statistical probability is that I'm giving it everything I've got!

6) Exploration. Been in and around Roanoke all my life and never knew until I started running what great trail systems we have in this area.

5) Fitness. Running is great for cardiovascular health. Other activities can also provide cardiovascular benefit, but running is best in my opinion.

4) Community. Running brings people together. If I meet a runner on a training run or in the middle of a race, it don't matter if the person rich, poor, green, lavender, young or old, cause we've got something in common that over 99% of the population either can't or won't understand.

3) Weight Management. Weight can be managed many ways through diet and exercise with or without running. Me personally, I chose to run. I weigh myself before and after every run and I gotta say running is a great calorie burn.

2) Driving along the Blue Ridge Parkway and/or looking at Mill Mountain and knowing that I kicked its ASS, many times! and I'll be back to do it again!

1) Race Day! I was hooked after just one race. I was like "Wow! All these people and they all do the same stuff that I do!" Then the horn sounds and the race starts and its like a stampede and everybody is just kinda feeding off the group energy! That is how PR's get made! (Oh and the race shirts are nice to have too.)

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  1. Nice list! Thanks for participating.

    Race day is what really got me hooked on running. Nothing beats that excitement.