Monday, February 6, 2012

The Quickening

     Its that time of year again! Seems like the slow season just started and here it is the final week before training starts for the Blue Ridge Half Marathon. My slow season was a little bit slower than I had planned as I have been resistant to push my paces at all, instead preferring to just run comfortable, but all that is about to change!

     Now is the time for the quickening. This means that gone are the days of the mind listening to the body and for the next 10 weeks I will be following a dedicated training schedule where my body will have to listen to my mind. Hopefully the end result will be a PR on the Apr 21 running of the Blue Ridge Half Marathon.

     Looking at the goal of beating last years 1:37:22 I know I have a lot of work to do. My training paces have been very comfortable lately and I am very happy in this little comfort zone of 8-10 minute miles with the occasional push into the 6's and 7's, but I have to put that behind me for a little while and just let the quickening do its work. Eventually the 6's and 7's will be easy again, it shouldn't take more than just a few weeks.   

     Apr 21 is a double header weekend too. The 21st is the Blue Ridge Half and the 22nd is the start of triathlon season with the Angels Race. I formulated my training schedule to allow for 3 days on the bike, 3 days in the pool and 4 days running..., hopefully I can PR at both races!

Training Schedule for Blue Ridge Half

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