Saturday, February 18, 2012

Training for Blue Ridge : Week 1

     Mon: Tempo: 4 miles: Dedicated Parkway 4 Miler: Achieved the low end of my expectations for this run. I had hopes of kicking it into the upper 6's to low 7's. With a final pace of 7:20 it's about as low 7's as you can get without being a mid 7's. All things considered its a good starting point to improve from.

     Wed: Intervals: 6 miles: Burnt Bridges : Targets were 6's for the sprints (even numbered laps) and 8's for the recoveries. I hit 10 of the 12 targets, laps 2, 6, and 10 were the uphill sprints and I could only kick it into the 6's for the first one, the other 2 were in the 7's.

     Thurs: Recovery: 4 miles: Random: Just kickin' it around in the 'hood today fresh off of a low intensity 4 mile elliptical workout. Intended to do a traditional 10-4-10 brick, but rain had me change up my plans. It don't matter much on Thursday anyway since it's a low intensity recovery day...the one day I allow my body to run my mind instead of the other way around.

     Sat: Long: 8 miles: Parkway/ Stewarts Knob Trail 8 Miler: Cycled 10 miles to the Rangers Station, then ran 8.14 miles and cycled back home. Kept the cycling very low intensity in order to keep my legs fresh as possible for the run. With some minor variations this was the same route I used last week and I'm happy to say that the 8:27 avg pace was well into the acceptable range. The Stewarts Knob trail does not lend itself to speed, so keeping the trail miles in the 9's and most of the asphalt miles in the 7's represents a satisfactory effort. Still, I hope to see the run portion of my Saturday long bricks averaging in the mid to upper 7's by April.


  1. Nice start to your training. I'm pretty sure I'll return to the half this year as a unique training run for Cleveland.

    1. The run up Mill Mountain kinda kills it as a good PR course for the distance, but as a unique event, its one of the best for just that very same reason. Hope to see you there!