Saturday, February 25, 2012

Training For Blue Ridge: Week 2

     Mon: Tempo: 4 miles: Dedicated Parkway 4 Miler: Same route as last Monday's tempo and with the same goals too. Happy to say the results were notably better with an average pace of 7:09 vs last weeks 7:20. PR pace for this route is 7:00 flat  and that was set March 31 of 2011. I don't have any plans to run this route again in the foreseeable future, so I guess the course record will just stay where its at for now.

     Wed: Intervals: 6 miles: Burnt Bridges: Continued week to week improvement by hitting 11 of the 12 target paces. Intention was to alternate between 6's and 8's, but my last uphill sprint dropped into the low 7's. No biggie.

     Thurs: Recovery: 4 Miles: Explore Park: Beginner Trail: Laps + : A full lap on the beginner trail is about .85 of a mile so I call it laps + to refer to adding enough asphalt to each lap to make it an even mile by the time I enter the trail head. Today's brick was a 12.7 mile bike, 4 mile run, 12.7 mile bike. I had no intentions of pushing the pace at all, but the first mile off the bike was still slower than I though it should have been.

     Sat: Long: 8 Miles: Treadmill 8 Miler: Time management, needing to get a swim in and some rather gusty atmospheric conditions caused me to punk out and opt for the treadmill in lieu of my scheduled Saturday long brick. Matched Mondays tempo pace of 7:09 for twice the distance, of course with a flat elevation profile and no wind resistance it would probably factor out to a 7:15-7:20, still a good place to be at this point in the game.

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