Saturday, March 3, 2012

Training for Blue Ridge: Week 3

     Mon: Tempo: 6 Miles: Dedicated Parkway 6 Miler: Hit some real good numbers out there today. My downhills are still a little weak, but my uphills are in great shape at this distance. Knocking the first 3 miles out at sub 7 paces is encouraging going into this weekends first warm up race, the Explore Your Limits 5k. I wasn't far behind my course record for this route either, a 41:47 set on Aug 16th 2011. Also, I did this route about a year ago on Feb 23 2011 with a 44:54, so that may be a clue that I'm in better shape now than I was in at this time last year. Here is the Today-vs-course record-vs-1 year ago Garmin stats.

     Wed: Intervals: 6 Miles: Treadmill Intervals: Resorted to the treadmill again due to sporadic rain and a scheduled swim. Did 1/2 mile Intervals alternating between 7.5 mph and 9.0 mph. That would be an 8 min/mile and a 6:40 min/mile.) I don't usually enjoy treadmill running at distances greater than 4 miles, but it was great to listen some good hard hitting tunes and just kinda let things run on auto pilot.

     Thurs: Recovery: 8 miles: Parkway/Stewarts Knob 8 Miler: Just kept it comfortable today. I was disappointed to see some miles take over 10 minutes, but I was unwilling to push the pace at all. Saturday is my first warm-up race for this training cycle, so I just wanted to get my long run miles in, but run them with a recovery pace. The whole brick was a 10 mile bike-8.1 mile run-7.75 mile bike.

     Sat: Race: 3.1 miles: Explore Your Limits 5k: The numbers look good. I continued my year over year inprovement with a 22:06 and finished 3rd overall from a field of 205. Click HERE for full race report.

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