Saturday, March 31, 2012

Training For Blue Ridge: Week 7

     Mon: Tempo: 10 miles: Mountain Side 10 Miler: Coming off a race weekend I didn't feel like pushing the pace too much. Main goal was just to run up the mountain (laps 1-5) in the 8's and down the mountain (laps 6-10) in the 6's, and I pretty much did that although a couple of miles were a hair fast and one was just a hair slow. As a side objective I also wanted to get it done with a better overall pace than when I ran this route 2 weeks ago as long run and I handily did that too. Here is Garmin data comparing today-vs-2 weeks ago-vs-last summer-vs-year ago.

     Wed: Intervals: 10.6 miles: 12 Laps Explore Park Beginner Trail: Hit all target paces for the 2nd week in a row. Completely different workout though in that this is trail speed work and the target paces are slightly slower to accommodate the terrain. Alternating between 7's and 9's on this 8/10ths mile loop at Explore Park does require a similar overall effort to the 6's and 8's speed work I do on asphalt though because of the additional muscle groups and skill sets that accompany trail running. Ended up about dead on comparing similar workouts from this time last year and from this past summer during Richmond Training. Click HERE for Garmin comparison data.

     Thurs: Recovery: 4 miles: EP Basic 4: With heavy rounding this 4 miler was part of a 13-4-13 brick. The ride to Explore Park was at a steady effort, so I knew it would effect my run and sure enough I never could find any intensity for it. I did find a steady 11 min/mile pace and held it for the whole run though. This was the first time running this course and it seemed like one I could make a habit out of when I'm looking to do 4 at Explore Park.

     Sat: Long 12 miles: Full Mountain 12 Miler: First of three 12 milers prior to the Blue Ridge Half. Did this one as part of a 6-12-6 brick and at 6 miles the cycling complemented the run quite well. I like to run the Full Mountain 12 Miler pacing in the 8's on the way up and the 6's on the way down, but I had never ran it as part of a brick so I wasn't sure what to expect. I had 3 slower than par miles and 1 faster than par. It was a good run. Also, did the first 6 cycling on my hybrid with fat tires and fresh legs and wanted to see if I could beat my time, after the run, with using my skinny tire road bike and dead legs...happy to say I blew it out of the water beating it by just over 6 minutes!


  1. Thanks, David! Its getting to the point now where every run is starting to feel like some huge referendum on mu chances of hitting my goal pace on race day. The momentum is there, just gotta carry it forward for 3 more weeks.