Wednesday, April 4, 2012

4 things random

     1) Double Header Weekend. Apr 21st-22nd is a double header weekend with the Blue Ridge Half on the 21st and the Angels Race Triathlon on the 22nd. I am NOT excited to be doing two events on consecutive days. My training schedule was laid out to prepare for a peak performance at the BRH. I'm sure I will finish at Angels, but it will be a handicapped effort. Ordinarily I would not participate in two events this close together, but I made the exception because my big "out of the comfort zone" goal for this summer is to complete 5 sprint triathlons and my options are limited to the 5 closest pool swim triathlons since my OWS skills are too unreliable.

     2) Omnivores. Just want to promote the word. OMNIVORE. Think "wide variety of small quantities", many pseudo foods or "phoods" as I like to call them are essentially the same thing. I've had a lot of weight control success by clumping all candy together and all processed foods together and making sure to maintain only limited exposures to each, although usually with some limited quantity on a daily basis.

     3) Strength. I had just posted last week about my bench press having dropped a bit from its peak. Actually I had been doing my weekly bench press on the heels of an hour or so of recovery after a 20-40 mile cycling workout. I decided to test my bench press with a fresh, well-rested body and as you might imagine it turns out I haven't lost anything as judged by a 150 lb set. Hope to see the trend continue with 140 and 160 lb sets over the next 3 to 4 weeks.

     4) Century? 3/4 Century? Ultra? Decisions are tough, but I gotta make 'em soon...time is running out!

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