Friday, April 27, 2012

Preparing for May

     Now that the BRHM is behind me it's time to shift gears and put some focus into some areas that I've been neglecting. My first priority is going to be strength training. I've kept up with a weekly 12 exercise free weights routine every week this year, but I largely abandoned many of my long term strength training goals over the course of the 10 week Blue Ridge Half Marathon training program. My overall fitness strategy follows a 6 discipline hierarchy...attitude>nutrition>strength>flexibility>swim>bike>run. I definitely have a passion for running, but all in all running is more of a hobby or sport than a necessary component of fitness. Neglecting attitude, strength, nutrition or cross training (swimming and cycling) for an extended time and I doubt I would be able to run for long without an injury.

     So as I de emphasize my run training and work on my strength base I still intend to run around a bit, just with less intensity and less frequency. I'll even be doing a trail 10k on May 5th. I'll do the best I can with it, but with a much lower run base than my other recent trail races. Still, it is just 10k so my residual fitness from BRHM training may offer a surprise come race day!

     And May the 20th is a big endurance event for me. I've slowly over the years been working up to a full century bike ride. My longest ride so far was a 67 miler at last years SOTR. They added some miles to the route this year to make it a 75 miler and I'm happy to just keep making annual efforts to increase my longest distance. SOTR is a ride not a race, so that gives me a good opportunity to establish goals specific to my endurance level and to not focus on high level intensity or finish times and places.

     Basically, I'll be preparing for SOTR with a weekly mileage progression for 3 weeks followed by a slight taper. I'll be holding back on speeds a lot and probably even drifting down most hills on my weekly long ride. I'll also do a weekly ride at 1/2 the distance of my long ride at slightly faster speeds. Add to that any short/fast rides to the gym and hopefully I will be able to achieve my SOTR goals of A) Finish feeling strong and ready to go longer B) 15 mph avg moving pace C) 5-10 minute breaks at the aid stations.

     The operative word above is "preparing" NOT "training", if I were training for it I would have started months ago and my goal would be to finish on EMPTY with an average speed in the 18-20 mph range.

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