Saturday, April 7, 2012

Training For Blue Ridge: Week 8

     Mon: Tempo: 10 miles: Greenway/Mill Mountain 10 Miler: Good 10 miler today. Faster than last weeks tempo 10 miler by almost 3 minutes, faster pace by 10 seconds per mile than the 8 miler tempo run on roughly the same course from 3 weeks ago, and despite my own better wisdom I went ahead and pushed for another sub 6 mile coming down the old road behind Mill Mountain.

     Wed: Intervals: 10.6 miles: 12 Laps: Explore Park: Beginner Trail: Same routine as last week with about the same results. I was just under a minute slower for the whole routine, but my mileage is higher for the week up to this point, so I guess I had to give something back somewhere. Still hit all pace targets for the 3rd week in a row, so I'm encouraged by that. Cutting my interval mileage back next week and returning it to the asphalt for my final pre race speed work.

     Thurs: Recovery: 5.2 miles: Random 5 Miler: Running in the rain is not something I get excited about, but this close to the Blue Ridge Half everything seems critical, so I did it anyway. I did substitute the elliptical in for the bike though, so I call it a 7-5-4 elliptirun as opposed to a brick. It was just a low intensity recovery day and I did cut it a bit short, but am overall happy with my effort.

     Sat: Long: 12 miles: Full Mountain 12 Miler: Shufflin' around in my new kicks today! Did the Full Mountain 12 Miler 3 minutes faster than last week and with a longer cycling leg in front of it. The full workout was a 10-12-10 brick, I used ultra low intensity for both cycling legs. Stats are looking good and I have a lot of enthusiasm heading into the next 2 weeks with the Mill Mountain Mayhem, Blue Ridge Half, and Angels Race! HERE is the comparison data for todays route vs the same route last Saturday.


  1. Another great looking week! Let's be sure to catch up at Blue Ridge.

    1. 2 weeks to go and the early forecasts are looking good! Its going to be a great event this year. We'll find you for sure.