Saturday, April 14, 2012

Training For Blue Ridge: Week 9

     Mon: Tempo: 10 miles: Dedicated Parkway 10 Miler: Great run for wrapping up my double digit tempo training for this current training cycle. Course PR by right at 2 minutes! I've had considerably faster 10 milers before, but something in this routes elevation layout has consistently caused me to under perform. Of my 5 Dedicated Parkway routes, the 10 miler is the only one with a PR pace still in the 7's. Thrilled to have whittled it down a little more today. HERE is the Garmin data for today-vs-the old PR, which I set back in the summer while training for the Richmond Marathon.

     Wed: Intervals: 8 miles: 8 Miles of Burnt Bridges: Amazing interval session today! I had some question as to if having spent the last 2 weeks doing my interval work on trails might have cost me some intensity, but the numbers today say I'm still on par with my best. Compared to 3 weeks ago when I did this exact routine my overall time was a full second faster, but my downhill splits today were all sub 6, so the score board shows that of 16 target paces, I exceeded 4 and hit 12. Felt incredible the whole time! HERE is some Garmin data comparing today-vs-3 weeks ago-vs-last summer-vs-year ago.

     Thurs: Long/Recovery: 12 miles: Dedicated Parkway 12 Miler: Nothing to prove at this point so I started out just looking to log miles to maintain the base. After the first mile the high 7's felt comfortable so I stuck with it. I did have to crank up the effort to maintain the pace for the 9th, 10th, and 11th miles, but other than that it was just a low intensity run leg of a 5-12 brick. No need for a post run ride, Saturday morning is a race so gotta start getting rested up.

     Sat: Race: 6.2: Mill Mountain Mayhem 10k: I felt like I was at Half Marathon pace and not 10k pace for this event. That may be a good thing since my training right now is geared towards peaking at the Blue Ridge Half Marathon next Saturday. Full race report HERE.

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