Tuesday, May 8, 2012

If I may just weigh in here...

     Weight. When I was an obese outsider looking in at the world of fitness one of my top priorities was to get my weight down. I've been fitness/health focused for 3+ years now and at AMA guidelines for 2 years and looking back I can see that my early strategy was quite effective..., basically I just experimented with various nutritional strategies and exercise regiments, did a daily weigh in, and recorded my progress over time. As a creature of habit, things haven't changed much.

     Starting May 1st 2012, however, I decided that since I no longer am needing or wanting to lose weight, that I should probably come up with a different system for monitoring weight. One strategy I used when I was loosing weight was to weigh in daily around noon. By noon I've had a breakfast, given it time to digest, and done any scheduled fitness related training. That system tends to help me focus on downward momentum, but I'm happy where I am, so that system is obsolete.

     My new system is designed to help me focus on weight maintenance and to allow for more rest and a few more lbs of muscle mass too. After all, body composition is a much better health factor than weight and I just bought a nice new bathroom scale that measures Body Fat %, BMI, and weight, so why not use it? For the foreseeable future I'll be recording my daily weigh in first thing in the morning before breakfast. I will be using a different chart for my morning weigh in than the one I was using for my noon weigh in so as to not confuse the data. As long as my morning weigh in and BF% readings are acceptable, I'm not going to bother with a noon weigh in. If my first thing in the morning weigh in starts to look like I'm letting myself go, then I will do an additional noon weigh in, on those days only, until I get myself back in line with my expectations.


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