Sunday, June 3, 2012

2012 Salem Sprint Tri

Just a basic statistical run down with brief commentary:

S1: 300yd: 6:53 (40:22/mi pace): Passed 1 and got passed by 2. Basically just a comfortable swim compared to my practice efforts, but a much improved swim compared to other tri pool swims that I've done.

T1: 1:58: Best T1 transition to date!

B1: 15k: 27:52 (20mph): I seldom hit speeds in this range unless I intentionally set out to do a route with high volumes of elevation loss. Calves started cramping around mile 3, which never happens to me when I'm cycling, but I pushed past it and they didn't talk back no more after mile 6.

T2: 1:23: Best T2 transition to date!

R1: 5k: 22:17 (7:11 pace): I have hopes of breaking 22 minutes in a tri 5k this year, but today was not the day. Still happy with a tri 5k PR

Summary: Very good statistics today! Represents across the board improvement in all disciplines. Competition was intense...missed the Age Group podium by about 2 minutes.

Salem Sprint Triathlon (300yd/15k/5k)
2012 Time 01:00:21 (S-6:53, T1-1:58, B-27:52, T2-1:23, R-22:17), Place-30/114 Men,  6/19 Men 40-44

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