Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Deadlift PR!

     If your goal is to dominate in the weight room, then I won't be able to offer much help since I lift mostly for the purposes of injury prevention and good all around muscular health. I don't employ any "science" or "programs" in my routine, but I do read lifting/bodybuilding advice and theories and I do employ knowledge from a variety of sources when I'm setting goals.

     A while back I made a long term goal of meeting intermediate strength standards in 4 key power lifts. I was making good progress, but decided to plateau any strength building attempts while I was training for the Blue Ridge Half Marathon.

     My Bench Press and Military Press have maintained at intermediate levels and are almost in the advanced range, but my Squats and Deadlifts are still clearly in the novice range. Today I am making my first attempt to set a new 1 rm PR for my Deadlift.

     Based on my recent set of 10 reps at 200 lbs I believe I could realistically do a 280 1 rm, however 1 rm testing is not to be taken lightly, so I'm starting out with just going for a PR. Currently, I have a 240 lb PR achieved in late Nov'11. This will be my first attempt to beat it and I'll be looking for a 300 lb 1 rm by the end of summer.

Update through August : HERE

Current Deadlift Stats:

Deadlift: Current Level
One Rep Max Strength Standards:
Body Weight Un-trained Novice Intermediate Advanced Elite
165 137 254 293 411 518

One Rep Max:
260 lbs on 7-11-12

Repetitions per given weight (10 minimum):
(PR Date / Most Recent Effort Date)

180 lbs-15 reps (2700 lbs) on 5-24-12  / 180 lbs-15 reps (2700 lbs) on 5-24-12
190 lbs-10 reps (1900 lbs) on 5-13-12  / 190 lbs-10 reps (1900 lbs) on 5-13-12
200 lbs-10 reps (2000 lbs) on 7-3-12    / 200 lbs-10 reps (2000 lbs) on 7-3-12

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