Monday, August 27, 2012

100th blog post special!

     To commemorate my 100th blog post I decided to use an extra large font and type the "100th Blog Post!". Then I decided to go back and add a "before" and "after" close up head shot. Frequently we see "before" and "after" pics when someone is trying to sell you something.

I am not doing that.

     My only hope is that sedentary people will consider this post and think about being more active. My high intensity cardio routines are not for everyone, but just being active with anything at easy and comfortable paces can be very beneficial.

Me. 2008.
100th Blog Post!
Me. 2012.
The results are conclusive. My lifestyle has caused me to not only stop aging, but I am in fact getting younger!


  1. Is this the first time you've posted a "before" photo? I'm pretty sure I've never seen the old you!

    Congrats on getting to 100 blog posts!

    1. Thanks! I have a few "before" photos on fb, I've never had one on my blog before. Actually I re-posted the "before" photo above to fb on the same day I posted this to my blog. The caption said "This guy spent 3 days a week for the entire summer of 2009 trying to run a 10 minute mile". It was all about the journey though :)