Saturday, August 11, 2012

2012 Goochland Sprint Triathlon

2012 Goochland Sprint Triathlon
They really appreciate their bovines up in Goochland from what I gather.
Packed up and heading out Friday afternoon. I don't know what I would do with out the support of my wife and daughter.

Picking up my shirt and race numbers on Friday afternoon.

Race morning in the transition area.
Getting ready for the race start.
My blog site is having some difficulty with the swim video for some reason. I'll link to it if I can get an upload on another site. My swim time for the 300yards plus travel time to the timing mat was 6:55
FaceBook could handle the upload, so HERE is the link to the swim.

Video below is my T1 with a time of 1:45.

Video below is me coming back with the bike, T2 and starting my run. Bike time was 37:47  and my T2 time was 1:14
The run course is 2 laps and 1/2 trail. Video below is me starting the second lap. Run time was 23:30
Final finishing time for the 300yd swim, T1, 12.5 mile bike, T2, and 5k run was 1:11:08

Final Results
2012 Goochland Sprint Triathlon 
2012 Time 01:11:08 (S-6:55, T1-1:45, B-37:47, T2-1:14, R-23:30), Place-51/118 Men,  8/16 Men 40-44
Garmin Data:
Bike          Run 
The face of exhilaration!

Faithy presenting me with my finishers medal.
Most sprint Tri's don't do finishers medals, so I was pleasantly surprised to be greeted with one after crossing the line.

Checking results.

Preying mantis pictured above was spectating.

Me and Faithy.
Please support Goochland Sprint Triathlon sponsors. 

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