Saturday, August 25, 2012

2012 Radical Runabout 5k

Radical Runabout 5k
Sprint Obstacle Course

1st place Age Group Vibrams!
     The greatest obstacle I encountered on this sprint obstacle course were the two words "I can't". My "grand" strategy for the summer of 2012 was to avoid competitive foot travel events where the dominate strategy would be to "just run the course as fast as possible". Instead I planned out a race schedule of triathlons and obstacle courses and over the course of the summer, so far, I have only managed quick glimpses of the podium from a distance and no PR's.

My daughter and biggest motivator!
     Approaching the starting line of this evenings obstacle course I had to make a last minute decision...go for it and find out what I can do in Vibrams or play it safe and not risk an injury while I'm training for the Star City 1/2 marathon in November. My participation in this event was a given since I want to encourage these types of community activities for active minded folks, but I never worked it into my training schedule so my strategy was unclear even as I approached the starting line.
Hangin' wit mah Peeps!

     One of my New Years goals was to focus more on fun and less on high intensity performances. With respect to that goal I decided to forgo rest and keep up my regularly scheduled training with 16.4 miles of cycling this morning, then, in addition, I decided to wear my Vibrams instead of my trail running shoes knowing that they would make me slower. A nice casual low intensity caloric expenditure with family and friends would certainly have been in order...

     Arriving at the scene, however, I slowly began to accept the truth of the matter. This was no ordinary ensemble of race participants and spectators..., no...these people (at least my wife and daughter anyways) had taken time out of there schedule to see something inspiring. America needs hope and change right now...the kind of hope that can only be attained by seeing someone give it all they got despite the odds...the kind of change that lets people know "The podium is there and changing your speeds to faster paces will put you on it".

     Yes, I went for it. Like a bat out of hell. Up and down steep banks, rolling barrels, over cable spools, under nets, over tires, over hay bales, carrying leaking buckets of water to fill other buckets that aren't leaking, etc, etc, etc...Not for me..., no...I did it for them...
It was nice to get another 1st place Age Group medal.
Final Results: 2012-time 26:53, pace: 9:07/M , Place 9/171 overall, 1/22 in my age group, 9/79 among men
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  1. Thanks for the kind words about our Radical race! For a "fun" event, you sure did blaze through it pretty nicely. I'll be sure to include some more difficult obstacles just for you next year - you made it look too easy!

  2. Sure thing, Joe! And thank you for taking the time and energy to organize this event. Obstacle courses create a great atmosphere for camaraderie and team work and they leave enough room for competitiveness too, for those who want to push themselves. I hope this event can continue on in future years!