Friday, August 31, 2012

Training For Star City: Week 2

Training For Star City
Week 2 of 13

     Sun: Progressive Hill Repeats: (0 miles) Skipped this Sunday morning training run in lieu of having raced on Saturday night at the Radical Runabout 5k 

     Mon: Tempo: (4 miles): Not a strong 4 miler at all, 7:33 pace. My first run after a race is usually a weak one, so I'm not surprised.

     Tues: Recovery: (4 miles): Finally got out to the Stewarts Knob trail to give my Vibrams their first shot at technical trails. I'm calling it a recovery run, but it was more of a trail scoot. Can't be too cautious when trying something new.

     Wed: Intervals: (4 miles): Hit 6 of 8 targets and the 2 that I missed were off by more than last week. Will have to keep an open mind about the possibility that running 5 days a week is not a good strategy for me right now, but I will let next weeks results be the deciding factor in that.

     Fri: Long: (8 miles): Skipped the planned cycling and just did a straight 8 on the treadmill. Split the strategy for this run in two with the first 4 being progressive starting at 8 mph and increasing the speed by .1 every 1/2 mile, then at the 4 mile point I dropped it back to 8 mph and ran the last 4 regressive dropping the speed .1 mph every 1/2 mile. All in all it was a good training run with good numbers. I did have to work for it a little harder than I would have liked though.

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