Friday, September 7, 2012

"Blinded by Science"

    "Blinded by Science"
 (A Random Rant)

      If you ever run out of "experts" with competing theories about what is better and what is best in the world of fitness, then by all means brag about it. I'm sure some are more right than others, and if you happen to be the kind of person that is really into "doing what your told", then by all means find someone you trust and do what they tell you.

     Me? When it comes to fitness (and even life in general), I believe the only "stupid" thing you can do is be miserable. Do what makes you happy and have fun with it. I never needed a "scientist" or an "expert" to tell me what I was doing right and wrong. Instead I tried a variety of things and closely monitored my results. In short...I became my own scientist, I learned what works for me, and I became an expert on me.

     Yes, you can get a lot of good information from knowledgeable people. Weigh it and consider it with due diligence. My observation is that if it makes you feel good...go for it! If it creates discomfort...stop! Main thing is just get off the couch and have fun with some form of physical activity. Being "results" oriented is great for athletes, particularly the paid ones who make a living from their results. For a great many of us, however, quality of life is what its all about.

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