Saturday, September 22, 2012

Free Boat Ride at the Claytor Lake Sprint

     Free Boat Ride
     The comfort zone is a wonderful happy place..., but nothing ever grows there. I stepped outside of my comfort zone this morning to attempt an open water swim triathlon. It was only 500 meters (about 1/3rd mile) and I usually swim twice that distance without stopping when I'm practicing at a pool. Something about being out in the open water just messed with my mind and I had to abandon my effort after about 200 meters. I accepted a boat ride back to shore and went on to complete the course from there, but my time(s) will be declared "Unofficial" and probably listed as a DNF (Did Not Finish)

     I'll do a full race report in a few days about my experience this morning and I won't dwell too much on the fact that the boat ride back to shore earned me a DNF (Did Not Finish), instead I'll be focusing on what a great overall experience it was to just be out there facing my weakness and moving closer to making it a strength.

     The lesson here is prep work. I pushed against my boundaries and discovered that I still have much further to go than I thought I did. Now I know...knowing is half the battle.


  1. I met ya there!! You looked great and helped me stay calm before my first open water. I really appreciate that. Nice hero cam. Good luck in the future. Just keep trying I'm sure you will finish the next one with no problems!

    Thanks again,

  2. Hey Vaughn, I remeber our conversation. I'll be doing some editing of my hero cam video over the next few days and hope to have a fairly nice report by Thursday. I'm sure you'll have a cameo spot. Thanks for checking out my blog!