Friday, September 7, 2012

Training For Star City: Week 3

     Sun: Progressives: (5.31 miles) Hit all the easy targets, but realized I was going to miss the target for the 9th lap, so I just took it easy for the rest of that lap and the 10th one. Possible factors for the lack of performance include 1) 5 days a week of running is simply not working well for my training strategy, 2) Lingering effects of above average quantity of alcohol the night before. 3) Poor nutrition choices over the past 24 hrs and 4) I may be more content in my comfort zone than what I have been in the past. I've got some good stats under my belt and if I just want to "go through the motions" of training with no real goal or expectation for a high end performance, then so what?

     Mon: Tempo: (6 miles) Not exactly a high end performance, but still an encouraging run in light of the fact that I never really felt any fatigue. I translate this to mean that my body is starting to adapt to the stresses associated with the higher running mileage.

     Tues: Recovery: (4.06 miles) Subbed the elliptical in for the bike cause I was concerned about the weather.  The middle portion was just some easy neighborhood miles in my vibrams.

     Wed: Intervals: (4.02 miles) Hit all pace targets for the first time this training cycle! Even though Monday's Tempo wasn't incredibly fast, I could feel significant stamina and endurance gains starting to come through. Today was a big test to see if it Monday was a fluke or the start of a trend. The results are encouraging.

     Fri: Long: (8.05 miles) Kinda slow, but can't read too much into it given the heat, the elevation profile and 10 miles of easy cycling for a warm up. I consider myself to be either "at" or "near" my athletic peak when I can run up the mountain in the 8's and down the mountain in the 6's. I had it for the first 4 miles today, but the last 4 I just couldn't find the zone.

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