Friday, September 14, 2012

Training For Star City: Week 4

Training For Star City
Week 4
     Sun: Progressives: (5.34 miles) Felt good and easy just like it should. I even used the last lap for above target intensity and kicked it into the 6's when my goal was a 7:30. My confidence had taken a hit after last Sundays poor showing with this workout, but todays strong numbers confirm that last Sunday was just a fluke likely brought on by the many factors I mentioned in that weeks post.

     Mon: Tempo: (6.01 miles) Not a particularly strong tempo, but it was my fastest 6 miler in over 6 months if only by a few seconds. Main thing is it was significantly faster than last Monday.

     Tues: Recovery: (4 miles) Focusing on form and comfort. The one day of the week when I allow my body to run the mind instead of the mind running the body.

     Wed: Intervals: (6.04 miles) Hit 11 of 12 targets. The 3rd uphill sprint was exhaustive and I was crashing hard so I relaxed my expectations and allowed myself an extra 30 seconds, taking my pace into the high 7's. This allowed just enough energy conservation to get me through the last 2 legs at target paces. A good place to be at this point in the game.

     Fri: Long: (10.02 miles) Steady improvement with my long run. Added 2 miles this week to make it a 10 miler. Opted for my Mountain Side route which is about 5 miles of up followed by 5 miles of down. I was a little bit slower than when I was running this route in the spring, but I was running it at a later point in the training cycle, so its not exactly an apples to apples comparison. I was about 90 seconds faster than my last 10 miler a month ago and on a tougher route,plus I was also at a faster pace than last weeks 8 mile long run, so the training is doing its job.

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