Sunday, September 23, 2012

Training For Star City: Week 5: Taper & Race(s)

    Training For Star City: Week 5
Mini Taper & Warm up races

     Sun: Practice Race #1: 3.1 miles: Using a sprint triathlon as a warm up race for a half marathon requires a certain amount of creativity in the number interpretation. Basically you have to convert the energy expended in the swim and the bike into a running equivalent, s(r)+b(r), then you need to subtract the recovery factor for the time spent in transition, [s(r)+b(r)]-t(r)=r. Basing my estimate on this formula, it seems likely to me that everything leading up to the run carried a run equivalency rating of 6.2 miles, so the effective training statistic for just running is the 6.2 mile mark to the 9.3 mile mark, holding a pace around a 7 minute mile that far along into the race is encouraging.

     Mon: Tempo(ish): 6 miles: The day after a race is usually not ideal for tempo running, so I wasn't looking to see any impressive numbers come out of today. I decided that I'd just push a tempo pace on the uphill miles (4 and 5), run recovery paces for the down hill miles (1 and 6) and then just show moderate effort with the flat miles (2 and 3). Happy to say it worked out quite well with everything kickin' into the 7's.

     Tues: Recovery: 5 miles: Typical recovery day. Wet and drizzle. Stayed indoors with the elliptical and only ventured outside for the run. I took my new GoPro with me, but I wasn't incredibly happy with the recording so I'll delete it and try again. The camera itself did great. I'm going to have fun playing with it.

     Thurs: Intervals: 6 miles: Finally hit all pace speed work pace targets. I have one more week with the 6 mile speed work set, so I'll make it harder next week by targeting 7's on the level recovery lap.

     Sat: Practice Race #2: 3.1 miles: Once again converting swim, bike, and rest segments over to a run equivalent, I come up with 4 miles as an equivalent start factor for this run. Off the bike, I decided to slip on the old Vibrams and just take it easy. Eventually I decided I was taking it too easy and decided to do a progression run with final splits at 9:51, 8:50, and 7:21. I was just kickin it around easy and enjoying the remainder of my step-back week.

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