Sunday, October 28, 2012

2012 Greenway Memory Miler

2012 Greenway Memory 10 Miler

     I ran this event in 2011 and have to say I reflect on it as perhaps one of the top race performances I've ever done. Holding a sub 7 pace for a full 10 miles was a huge accomplishment for me last year and I haven't duplicated it since in training or other wise. Returning to this event in 2012 I had looked at my recent training stats and determined that a 7-7:20/M avg pace would reflect a solid high end performance so my expectations were adjusted accordingly.
1st Place Age Group.
 Garmin Data HERE

2012 Greenway Memory 10 Miler
Time: 1:13:35, pace: 7:22/M, Place 9/75 overall, 1/5 in my age group & 8/38 among men

     The race itself is a low key local event that does not draw a huge body of participants from what I've seen. I'd like to see about double the participation rate in future years to ensure its survival. 10 mile races are not common and those of us who favor the distance on asphalt only have the Virginia 10 Miler in Lynchburg and this one in Roanoke to choose from. (There is also the Montvale Trail 10 miler for trail enthusiasts.)

     Many of us in the running community train for full and half marathons and with a late October race date the Greenway Memory 10 Miler is well situated as a last stop practice race to gauge race day performance. Last year I was training for the full Richmond Marathon and had a few 20 mile long runs under my belt. This year I had been training for the Star City Half (which I have since suspended training for) and my weekly long runs have been considerably fewer and shorter so 10 miles this year was a challenge even at the slower pace.

     I had thought to be able to hold a sub 7 pace for 4 or 5 miles, but I lost my high end kick after just 2 miles and settled into a low to mid 7 pace for the remainder of the event. I established 7th place shortly after the first mile, got passed 3 times over the next 7 miles, and passed one back with about 2 miles to go. One of the spots in front of me was the 1st place female, so I took 9th overall, 8th among men and 1st among men 40-44 years of age.

     It was nice to get back in the top 10 and run an entire event knowing exactly what my position is, but the low turn out makes the place stats less of a factor than what they would be in a larger event. Ultimately, I just like to reflect on the time and pace to gauge my longer term goal of a good run on Nov 17th at the Star City Half.

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     When I stated that I suspended my training for the Star City Half, I was referring to the fact that I have cut out speed work intervals and tempo runs, but I still intend to maintain a good mileage base and run the event to the best of my ability. Looking at my avg pace of 7:18 and 1:13:30 finish time from today's Greenway Memory 10 Miler, I can estimate about a 7:30 pace at the half and a sub 1h40m finish..., but its all speculative.


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Parkway/Explore Park 1/4 Century

      Parkway/Explore Park 1/4 Century
 Garmin Data HERE (minor tech issue with Garmin, so the data is edited for accuracy)

     Took my GoPro out for an easy ride on one of my favorite parkway courses. The experiment was to test the automatic timed picture feature. I set it up to take 1 pic every 30 seconds and just left the rest to randomness. In hindsight 210 pics is a bit much for 1 blog post, but I'm posting 'em all anyway. Most are in order, but the 2 on the end seemed out of place.
The route

     For the most part I think the shots did a good job of capturing the natural beauty associated with the changing seasons. I don't care for the ones that show my shadow while I'm cycling, but it was all part of it, so there they are.
The elevation profile

     I would recommend clicking on the first picture to enlarge it, then clicking on the right side of that picture for the next one. Scolling this page will not allow for optimal photographic appreciation, but its the viewers call. Enjoy!