Saturday, October 20, 2012

2012 Bank of Fincastle 5k

2012 Bank of Fincastle 5k

     This 5k is all about the children. The elementary schools in the area like to make a big deal out of it and push for as big a turn out as possible. The Bank of Fincastle puts a lot into the event too with regards to high quality shirts, high quality medals, awards for the schools based on participation rates in percentage of the student body and in straight head counts. So to say this race is a big deal to the community is really just stating the obvious.
Bank of Fincastle race has the best quality medals of any 5k/10k race that I know of in the area. The art is detailed and the medal itself has just enough weight, texture and shine to it to where it doesn't "feel" cheap.

     Still, those like me, who might consider ourselves recreational or amateur runners make use of this run on our training schedules too. It is not a good course for PR's for 2 reasons...First, it's about the children and children make up the largest demographic, people who are in it to "race" will have a hard time getting near the start line and when the race does start a good 1/4 to 1/2 mile is needed to work through the "herd" before one is able to open up their pace. Secondly, this is a rough, hilly course. Only those with adequate hill training are going to be able to hold paces close to what they might expect from a flatter course.

     I had originally signed up for this race as a family walking event with my wife and daughter, but after last Saturdays 5k in Vinton, I decided my 5k pace needed some more work. Then, after 2 disappointing training runs this week I decided I was over training and opted to suspend my training schedule for awhile and just run in what I call my "maintenance mode" which is 3 runs a week of varying distances and only loose pace targets. My only real goal was just to keep alive my streak of 5k's with a sub 7 pace.

     The start line was already congested when I got to it, so I started about 10 feet back. Lots of young 'uns in front made it hard for me to open up a solid pace for a good 1/4 mile. No big deal, I usually start out every race with an unsustainable pace around a 6 min/mile, so I figured I'd probably get my time back later in the course. Unfortunately, it never did happen. The hills kept me subdued and mentally I just couldn't kick it where I otherwise would have. I created a minimum goal for myself and sure enough, the minimum goal was all the push I had. Happy just to kick it around with a sub 7 avg pace and picking up a 1st place age group medal is icing on the cake.
 The Bank of Fincastle 5k
2012-time: 21:31.6, pace: 6:56/M,Place 12/850 overall, 1/23 in my age group & 11/418 among men
Click HERE for Garmin Data
     I wasn't sure if I was going to do a Secret 10k like last week, but I brought my GoPro just in case and sure enough I decided to go back on the course and run it again. My motivation for numbers is still on the back burner while I get my body rested up from the over training, so I just walked back to my vehicle, got the GoPro, took it very easy out on the course with light jogging for the remainder of the first mile, then 2 miles of slow recovery based running. Had I caught up to my wife or daughter I would have walked 'em in, but they both finished the event as walkers about 5-10 minutes ahead of me on my 2nd time through.

GoPro course video sped up to 8x actual speed.

Shimila, India, Denise

Faith with friend, India.

Caught up to Frank Finch after dominating his age group in the 10k today!

Waiting on awards ceremony.

Still waiting...

     My wife and daughter both had very good speeds as walkers today and my daughter and I are still doing another 4 mile trail race tonight as hikers while my wife serves as an event volunteer with the Mountain Junkies. We sat through the awards ceremony and because they did the Mens 5k results last, they handed out door prizes to anybody who was standing around without an award. I already had a 1st place age group medal, but Denise was given a door frame decoration and  Faith was given a stop watch with 3 colors of wrist strap attachments! 

GoPro awards video.   




  1. Congrats on the AG win!

    I wish for some of these races that they'd just have a separate lineup for kids who think they can just go all out. I know it's all in good fun, but those types of starts aren't safe!

    1. You got that right! One kid did get hurt today. Face in the asphalt from what I could hear, still finished their event though. They did have 2 start lines, one for younger kids and one for everyone else, but the event has just gotten too big..., they need to do more of a wave style start where people estimate their finish times and line up behind the sign with that finish time on it. Thanks for mentioning that. Maybe someone with some influence will read this and take it to heart.

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