Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Attn: Marketers and spammers...

Attn: Marketers and Spammers (scammers)
 (Anonymous inbox messenger take note)
     This blog is not going to promote or endorse any specific product(s). Fitness is about lifestyle, not 30/60/90 day plans, prescribed routines, or fad diets. This blog seeks to recognize that health should be an individuals primary goal and that any fitness goals existing outside of "health" are ego driven and as such should be entered into emphasizing individual recreation pursuits. 

     Believe it or not...size does matter...and mine is perfect (per AMA guidelines anyways). I have no need or desire to be "large" in some areas to compensate for being "small" in others. I lift weights and occasionally like to increase strength, but my ego does not thrive on it...for some people it does and that is great...do what floats your boat...have fun, happy people are healthy people (mentally and physically). I have no desire to be overweight or obese with muscle or fat at this time...

     People change over time and I may one day want to bulk up. Should that day come, rest assured, I will research and then employ techniques that yield results without resorting to buying into a plan or book that tells me what to do. I have a mind and can determine for myself if what I am doing is fun, effective, dangerous, or damaging. If I do not get the results I expect to then I am smart enough to make changes...I do not need to spend money on "plans". This blog does not generate revenue for me or anyone else because active living should be a shared community pursuit and I believe the flow of information should also be free.




  1. I get various "offers" all the time. It's more spiders and bots crawling and getting your information than real people doing anything.

  2. I seen more than usual this week...must be a whole nest of spiders, lol.