Friday, October 5, 2012

Training For Star City: Week 7

Training For Star City
Week 7
     Sun: Progressive: (5.36 miles): Dropped the 12 min/mile pace off the front end and added a 7 min/mile pace to the back end. The Sunday progressive run has not been part of my training plan the past two Sundays due to races and mandatory rest, so it felt good to get out and circle the hood again.
Sunday Progressive HR Week 1-Avg: 141 bpm, Max 175 bpm
Sunday Progressive HR Week 7-Avg:147 bpm, Max 176 bpm

     Considering the extra time spent in the high intensity zone, the 6 bpm increase in the average doesn't seem unusual and the fact that the max hr barely budged just tells me that 176 bpm is about as fast as my hr gets regardless of how fast I'm moving.

     Mon: Tempo: (8.43 miles): Rather than run my usual tempo route, I chose a route slightly over the prescribed 8 miles. I had only ever ran this route 3 times between May and Aug when I was technically not training, so I figured I should be able to blow it out of the water with a PR. Happy to say everything went according to plan with getting the PR, though it was only by just under a minute. HERE is comparison data for the 4 times I've run this route. Final pace of 8:31 compares well with last weeks 8:27 considering the extra 1/2 mile.

     Wed: Long: (10.5 miles): Took it to the Greenway for an attempt at a 10 miler with a steady pace in the 7's. Last weeks 10 mile long run was a bust, so I picked the flattest course I know of to go for some encouraging numbers. Happy to say I held a pace in the 7's for the whole course. A bit disappointed with how hard I had to work for it the last 2 1/2 miles, but digging deep is where the growth occurs so I'm sure it will pay off by race day. Forgot my HR monitor, so I guess I'll add it to next weeks Training post. On a side note, it was 1 year ago to the day that I was on the same section of Greenway trying to hold a sub 7 pace and coming up just short on the last mile. Last year it was a tempo run though and my long runs were around 18 makes a difference.

     Thurs: Rec: (4 miles): Life required my attention for other things, so I just did 4 recovery miles instead of 5 and I skipped the pre and post elliptical/cycling all together. Forgot the HR monitor again today, so I guess thats two for next week. Made this GoPro video of my run today. The Stewarts Knob trail head is across from mile marker 111 on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

     Fri: Intervals: (8 miles): Not too bad considering I added two miles to the routine this week. Hit advanced pace targets for the first 2 miles, intermediate pace targets for the next 2 miles, then started missing the pace targets on the uphill sprint sections only for the last 4 miles, but hit intermediate targets on the rest of those laps. 

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