Thursday, October 18, 2012

Training For Star City: Week 9

Training for Star City
Week 9 of 13

     Sun: Recovery: (6 miles) Started out doing the scheduled 6 mile progressive, but I wasn't willing to push past anything that didn't come easy. Ended up doing an easy negative split at recovery paces. Taking it easy on the day after a race is always a good idea anyways.  

     Mon: Tempo: (10 miles) Never really came together as a tempo run. Held it in the 7's for 5 miles, then slipped into the 8's for 2 more. Rather than struggle with 9's and 10's I just walked the last 3. I believe I need to take this as a sign of over training and make some additional adjustments to my training schedule. Skipping my long run this week and throwing in some extra cycling would be a good start.

     Thurs: Intervals: (2 miles) Ok this is 3 runs in a row where I had to abandon my training plan and let other factors, possibly burnout, take precedence. I've had some good runs up to now, but I believe it is time to let this training cycle go. As of now I am officially abandoning this plan and PR/high intensity run training in general. I will continue with event training with a focus on completion and not competition for a little while.


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