Thursday, November 22, 2012

2012 Drumstick Dash 5k

2012 Drumstick Dash 5k minus

     The course for this years running of the Drumstick Dash 5k has been altered due to construction, so comparisons to previous years runnings of the same event are invalid. Also, the new course came up a good .20-.25 mile short of a true 5k, so time comparisons to other 5k's are essentially invalid as well. I do have a streak of 4 years as an event history with the Drumstick Dash and it usually works out to be one of my better performances. In 2009 it was my first 5k, in 2010 I set my 5k PR with a 19:21 and a 4th place Age Group finish, and in 2011 it was my only 5k that year and I finished 4th place Age Group with a 19:47.

     My stats lately indicate that I am only able to hold a sub 7 pace for 2 miles, so if I can keep my 3rd mile in the low 7's I'll be happy with that. Even with a short course, everybody will still be racing the same distance, so maybe some of the faster Age Groupers will not show up and I can squeeze out a top 3.


     I finished with a sub 7 avg pace and 5th of 171 in my Age Group. That's about the best I could have realistically expected. The official timing service web site shows me in 6th, but the 1st place would get factored out to the masters spot, so I'm documenting it as a 5th place Age Group finish per typical race procedures.
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Garmin Data HERE
2012 Drumstick Dash        

time: 19:27 (chip) 19:27 (gun), pace: 6:50/M, Place 151/3743 overall, 5/171 in my age group, 132/1928 [Course too short for inclusion in 5k stats, pace above based on Garmin w 2.85 mi] 



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